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August 01, 2009


Is Hinduism, by origin, heterodox or is it simply the manifestation of a dying orthodoxy?

I just got my copy -- thank heavens for well-timed trips to the big city!

My professors when I was a South Asian Studies undergrad were kind of in a different faction, and her name was usually mentioned with a sigh and an eyeroll. Oh, Freudian nonsense again. People in academia are still on that kick? Now that I'm a big girl and can make my own conclusions, I've discovered it's not so bad. There's way more Lacan than Freud goin' on here, so it's far more nuanced than I feared it might be.

After my own disheartening (and, at times, frightening) encounters with Hindutva vis a vis my research, I appreciate her unapologetic stance. What I've read of the book so far makes me feel more confident about my own work -- something that, I'm sure, pleases my parents, as it means that I will no longer be putting off grad school! :)

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