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April 12, 2012


Of course, whatever I think of eating animals, I don't let it dominate my relationships with my animal-eating buddies and family members. :)

I also know that lots of people offer justifications for eating animals. Check out these responses to the most commonly voiced justifications.

Today we have many powerful ethical reasons to not raise and kill animals for meat (such reasons go at least as far back as the early Jains and Buddhists). That said, are there good ethical reasons to raise and kill animals for meat (so not counting reasons related only to health and the environment)?

The NYT recently held a contest calling all carnivores to "tell us why it's ethical to eat meat". A panel of judges (including Jonathan Safran Foer, Michael Pollan and Peter Singer), aligned more closely with the opposite camp, picked the six most compelling entries. Notably, while all six argue how, why, or when eating meat is ethical, none defend the modern methods of producing it (which is what most people eat). The one I liked the most is titled, "For What Shall We Be Blamed – and Why?"

In The Philosopher's Magazine, Tony Milligan has a really good analysis of the six entries in the NYT competition above. Read it, it's short.

And here are some reviews of "Every Twelve Seconds", the book featured in this post.
1. Lest We Forget: Killing by the Numbers
2. Book Review: “Every Twelve Seconds: Industrialized Slaughter and the Politics of Sight”
3. The Flesh Underneath

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