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    Shunya's Notes

About Shunya's Notes

Shunya's Notes is a liberal-progressive blog (or so we believe) founded in Oct 2006. It is visited by hundreds of discerning people each day.

Primary Editor: Namit Arora

Guest Editors: VP, Usha Alexander, R Alexander

Former Guest Editor: Ruchira Paul

"Shunya" means "zero" or a metaphysical "void". Zero and our decimal system arose in India some 1500 years ago, reaching the West via the Arabs and so came to be called Arabic Numerals. The city of Gwalior, in its Bhojadeva inscriptions, has the earliest known epigraphic evidence of zero in India. So for all practical purposes, Gwalior may be regarded as the birthplace of zero. It also happens to be the city where the founder of this blog, Namit Arora, was raised and he surely stands to gain a measure of pride from this association. :-)