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December 18, 2006


Quite an interesting classification. I'll pay you the compliment of borrowing it wholesale for my attempts at understanding human religious behavior.

In thinking about philosophy, I am generally loath to go beyond empiricism, but I'll risk a debate today. Isn't your classification restricted to religion and spirituality ? Doesn't metaphysics generally pertain to much more ?

Thanks for the compliment.

No, my classification is not restricted to religion and spirituality; it is broader than that.

Rather than classifying the many branches of metaphysics, this classifies how one arrives at metaphysical knowledge (necessarily leading to a distinct flavor of it).

So for instance, I can rely on rational enquiry for my epistemology (and ontology, meaning of life, etc.). Or I can rely on authoritative texts. Or on my mystical mind.

The claim is that all metaphysical knowledge is arrived at using these three distinct outlooks: orthodox, suprarational, rational.

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