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December 10, 2006


Oh, that's just so sad. Shows how much value human life has in India.

when will u western people learn to value others tradition!?
Whats "fussy" in your eyes, may be of high sentimental value to us Indians...
Whats vulgar to you, may be very decent to us...
Hindus believe in the theory of worshiping FAITH. And the idols we worship are the symbols of faith.
Why do we find so many statues of Jesus in your churches? Are they not idols. And why do the people at the churches make so much "FUSS" over the idol of Jesus, a mere human being, who made a lot of false claims of being a miracle maker?

Also you mention life in Calcutta is dead and difficult! Why do you westerners always see the so called sad side when you visit our land? Next time if u visit our city, open ur colored contact lenses and if possible the snobbish white skin. And then u will see the good side of the city called Calcutta.

The vulgar and aggressive society that u were born in to has colored ur eyes to the extent that u no longer seem to see anything beyond what u see with ur eyes! Also u people think that materialistic pleasure is the source of ultimate happiness. But here in India we think its the satisfaction of mind that gives one ultimate happiness. Even with the highest number of poor people on earth, India's gross Happiness Product is much higher than that of Americas(the country with the highest number of riches)!
If wanna reply to this comment of mine then mail me at:

This was so sad ! It really opens my mind !

<3 Victoria

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