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December 23, 2006


Wonderful people, the Carvakas - they knew a thing or two.

Indeed they did. Doubly remarkable given such thought flourished 2,600 years ago.
While writing this, I knew that you, especially, would resonate with the Carvakas. ;-)

I can't imagine why you think 'Svarga Loka' was supposed to be temporary in any way.

Sure puts a damper on my plans for getting there :-)

Click on Svarga Loka; the destination page might answer your question. In Hinduism there is no provision of a cushy eternal heaven/paradise as in Christianity and Islam. Moksha (Nirvana in Buddhism) is the only way out of the eternal cycle of rebirth. Svarga Loka is like a tropical vacation (say, to Costa Rica ;-) before the next project.

Wonderful philosophy, just discovered it tonight it's a lot closer to my viewpoints than anything else so far. I especially like how unlike Epicurism it dares to be more openly atheistic and anti-clerical.

a somewhat impressive philosophy and i quiet agree that the religios texts are just a mean to divert one from the right path of leading an easy, simple and meaningful life and it's sad to see people till now are entangled with these age old foolish ideologies of rituals etc.

I need some exhaustive details about CARVAKA ETHICS. Please help with soft copy of materials.

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