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December 11, 2006


I really envy your travel experiences. I love to travel and have done a fair amount, but more on a touristy level. The types of adventure you describe are few and far between on my travel log. In fact, one of the things that I most regret is that while living in India, I did not take the opportunity to travel within India as extensively as I had once hoped.

Also, I sometimes regret that I didn't have the opportunity to go to some unusual places of interest when I was younger. I am now much more concerned about clean bathrooms, air conditioning and comfort - things I wouldn't have cared about in my youth. So my travel plans have to be curtailed and limited to rather timid levels. It is a shame.

So I am now reconciled to the fact that while I will continue to travel fairly often to fairly interesting places, it won't be to the "off the beaten path" destinations of my youthful fantasies. I will have to sate that appetite by watching TV and reading blogs like yours.

I once made a painting of a Rabari woman (I gave her blue clothing because the black was looking very dull on the canvas) standing in front of a painted doorway of her mud house. Although I painted it with considerable care, the end result was "wooden" and kitschy, calendar like. May be I will put it up on my blog by linking it to your post.

If you set your heart to it, I'm sure you too can get to all kinds of far flung places—it’s not really hard and never too late. As far as India is concerned, I am happy to report that the clean bathroom and travel comfort situation has come a long way in the last ten years or so. It can be even better if one is willing to fork out a little more cash. There are so many awesome places there—chances are that long after the travel is done, memories of discomfort will be the last thing on your mind.

My first time here & must say I enjoyed your blog very much. Bookmarking it.

I am planning to go to Rann in next one month's time. I am based in Mumbai & planning to go solo. What is the best season/months to visit that place ?
Also, since it would be my first solo, do you advice something?
Looking forward to your reply.

Cuckoo, thanks for stopping by. Try contacting Devji Bhai Dhamechs based in Dhranghagadhra (tel 02754-50560). He is a kind, reliable, eco-friendly guide (an able photographer too), and can arrange transportation and lodging in the Rann. The best time to go is Jan/Feb.

Thanks for the info. My visit is postponed for the time being. I'll try to go there as per your best time.. Jan/Feb.


I really liked the Rann of Kutch picture post. Shall read the other posts, and be back for more.


I am a writer/director based in Mumbai and i have a germ of an idea based in the Rann of Kutch involving the Agariye tribe of salt5 makers and other people there. But i wud need some advise as i am writing the sfript now. In-fact i wud also need to visit the Rann for first hand experiences while i am writing the script. My film if made wud showcase the problems of the salt makers there and the rich arts and handicrafts in the area.

wud u help pls?

Shiraz Mukherjee

Shiraz, it depends on the scope of the project, the kind of help you need, and what I might get out of it. Please write to me on my email address: shunya@shunya.net. Meanwhile, see my related article in Himal Southasian. Thanks.


I saw very beautiful side of Kach in TV Episode, "Tarak Mehta Na Ulta Chashma" in SAB TV. Is there any more contact # and/or web site I can visit to get more present time info on Kach Rann. (Namit has mentioned: Try contacting Devji Bhai Dhamechs based in Dhranghagadhra (tel 02754-50560).).

I am very much interested in experience that open restaurant, Camel rides. I have very special interest in that Traditional dances by original people in such a beautiful, bright colored dresses. It amazed me. All the information will be greatly appreciated.

I am Gujarati but Bombay was main city to live. Have spend total 12 days in Baroda & 6 days in Ahmadabad. In my heart, I am Gujarati, Indian. Here is my e-mail: ajay-in-texas@inbox.com

Khub Man Sathe,
Ajay Shah.
Texas. US

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