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April 14, 2007


Looks good! I would have liked a bit bigger font too. But being completely ignorant /incompetent for "hours of mucking around," I guess I am stuck with my original format (set in stone by Typepad) which I do like on the whole.

So what blog provider are you using now? Is it Typepad? I am completely ignorant, as you can see and cannot tell.

I built this using Typepad's custom theme design capability. It is still hosted on TP but domain mapped onto my site. I evaluated WordPress (both local and hosted, the former best for those who aren't afraid of code and may even enjoy fighting their blog rather than write on it :-) and briefly looked at Blogspot (a distant third). I think TP is still the best blog service out there, every $ worth the price.

I went to Typepad's custom theme site. Couldn't make out a thing !!! And for a complete ignoramus like me, domain mapping and such esoterica is ... well esoterica.

Perhaps I can catch hold of a neighborhood youngster who can spend a few hours to help.

I am on the whole satisfied with my tried, tested and as I said, "set in stone" website. I would have just preferred a larger font. I use a desktop with a rather large screen and have no difficulty. But whenever I read it on a laptop, it appears too compressed. I don't plan to do too many technical calisthenics on A.B. Do you think I should even bother with something that I may not be able to handle? How do you assess the comfort level of reading A.B. in its current format?

You only need a custom theme (under Design -> Change Theme). This is not as hard as you are making it sound! I liked my previous design (and your current one) more than most others, except the tiny font and the blog's fixed/narrow width (looks worse on higher res screens, all that wasted space!). I also wanted it to reference only shunya.net instead of typepad.com, hence the domain mapping. You don't need this step.

Hey, I changed it! It was indeed not hard at all. For some reason, the edit buttons were not opening for the last one month. I called my husband and he came up and opened them right away! It was embarrassing (happens all the time)!

I have changed it to a simple design. Let's see how readers react. I would have liked the banner to look a bit more jazzy like yours. But as far as I can tell, I can either have "image" or "text" and not a combination of the two. Take a look when you have a moment.

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