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July 19, 2007


I'd really enjoy seeing more of your paintings. I think they're rich and charming.

Thank you very much, Usha. I plan to "exhibit" from time to time. I have a very slim repertoire. So the posts must be spaced out a bit. I also plan to feature an up and coming young Indian artist here some time in the near future. Her abstract works are quite impressive.

Though I like all three well enough, I like the first one the best (enough to be willing to put it up in my living room). Surely in part because it evokes a joyful and organic human moment that can take place anywhere in the world. Well done!

Ah, finally, some art that I can relate to ! Can we have more of the same ?

Definitely, VP. And thanks (also to Namit). An opportunity for self aggrandizement is always welcome! I don't sell my original artwork and had only one "real" exhibition of my paintings in an artists co-op where only the prints were put up for sale. One of my good friends however, talked me into selling a painting to her. The rest festoon the walls of our home. The blogs therefore are a great way to share them with my "virtual" friends. I will post a few more in the next couple of weeks.

You have been in my thoughts for a while and now I accidentally came upon your writing and paintings; they are beautiful, and I am delighted to see them here!


RR: Thanks for the kind words. Please visit again.

(Note to other readers: rr is a cousin who found me "accidentally" here. He is just as surprised as I am.)

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