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August 15, 2007


Yep, still alive and kicking sixty years later! Pankaj Mishra also wrote recently about the birth pangs and more in http://www.newyorker.com/arts/critics/books/2007/08/13/070813crbo_books_mishra?currentPage=all>Exit Wounds.

Wagah border is a very interesting experience. Check out this brief http://www.shunya.net/Pictures/NorthIndia/WagahBorder/WagahBorder.htm>account of my visit last year.

PLEASE....somebody help me...There is alot of talk about the 60th anniversary Treaty of India & Pakiststan and nothing about the BBC interview of Arun Gandhi by peter Sissons on this day.. Help if you can and feel free to leave me a comment

Sorry Niacey. This is all I could find after my search. The BBC site doesn't show a link to this particular interview.

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