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August 02, 2007


Fantastic post, Usha. Vanuatu does get your writing juices flowing, doesn't it?

Just a correction-Vanuatu gained Independence in July 1980 and not 1981.Also have you seen "Meet the Natives" I think you should watch and come to Vanuatu,meet the natives and write another book about my wantoks,as Iam from Tanna myself.Ale.

Welcome, Linda, and thanks for pointing out the error, which I've corrected in the text.

I looked up the documentary you recommend, "Meet the Natives," and I found it on YouTube. I have only begun to watch it, but already I can tell it's a fascinating and unique story. I look forward to watching the entire thing. It provides more perspective on the story of the relationship of the Tannese to Prince Philip, plus other many more cross-cultural insights. For me, the first scenes from the kastom village were also great fun to watch, as they brought back memories of my time in Vanuatu.

Several years ago, I went to Vanuatu as a volunteer with the US Peace Corps and spent a year teaching at Vureas high school on Ambae. While I was there, I visited Tanna for a couple of weeks. I passed through Sulfur Bay and visited Mount Yasur. I have written about my visit to the volcano. And here are some photos of the people we met and stayed with.

I very much look forward to an opportunity to visit Vanuatu again, someday. And I am certain what I have (and may still) learn from my experience there will find its way into my fiction. Perhaps in a few years.... In the meantime, if you have more information to share about good films or books on Vanuatu, please let us know. I am forever interested in all things about Vanuatu!

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