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August 20, 2007


An impressive range of subjects and styles, all beautifully executed. Thanks again, for sharing these. I look forward to the next set. Are you still actively painting?

Are you still actively painting?

Afraid not. I keep telling myself, "Some day soon." But haven't got around to it. I am a bit of a social artist - I work better in a studio surrounding with people at my elbow doing the same thing. At home by myself, things move real slow. I haven't found a convenient art studio in Houston that caters to mid-level amateurs like me. I don't need "lessons" but do well under the critical eye of other artists. Joanie offered a real free wheeling atmosphere in her studio, with little interference in style or substance. We all did what we wanted and she pointed out the glaring mistakes and suggested techniques. The studios that I know of in this area are either very professional (sales /exhibition oriented) or "paint by numbers" types offered at art and craft shops. Neither suits my purpose.

Excuses, excuses! But that is how it has always been for me.

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