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October 22, 2007


Congratulations on hitting the one year mark, Namit!

Of all your top ten reasons, I think that nos. 5 and 3 are most apt.
05. To gain independent, third-party validation that I am still sane in a world often incomprehensible to me

03. To seek conversations with other thoughtful people on topics of mutual interest

All the rest is merely icing on the cake.

There's a huge comfort in knowing that there's a small group of like-minded thinkers who are willing to indulge in reasoned and civil long distance discussion on a wide array of topics.

Happy Birthday and many happy returns!

The good wishes are genuine although tinged with a bit of selfishness. The way I look at it, if and when Accidental Blogger closes shop, it is reassuring to know that Shunya's Notes will be here to satisfy any lingering blogging itch.

Coooongratulations! Tsk!..found you just a wee' lately..should have had the pleasure of reading up if I had the good fortune to coast through much sooner. Nevertheless, I feel lucky to have stumbled here..quite accidentally in my search for pretty landscape pics...And your writing is about the finest I must say...I am so glad blogging is a venue to give comments even to writers of your genius.

Your reasons for blogging are similar to mine...I have been at it though for about...um'..4 - 5 years I think...Started out as some silly venture to post the happeningz' of my everyday mundane life..Funny to find that people actually read it..Oh' but I am so grateful. I made lots of friends world wide..and...me' thinks the best part was when one of the bloggy' people went meatspace and sent me a "scarf"...

Congrats once again..and here's a little sweet virtual chocolate cake to celebrate!

Thank you for your wishes and kind remarks, Sujatha, Ruchira, and Lady Luxie.
The 2nd year is starting slow unfortunately, with my day job not leaving enough time/mental space for chunky posts. But this too shall pass.

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