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March 04, 2008


Hi Namit,

are these the pics of the place you have visited or these just the pics you down loaded from the net, if down load from net i think i can forward you good photos to upload. as i am admirier of photos

Manju, is a personal website and contains photos I have taken myself (with a few exceptions).

Wonderful video, very touching, and you have a great site!

Very intersting video and photos which bring back many memories.I was a UN Peacekeeper (one of four Canadian Communications pers) attached to the Austrian Battalion which deployed to Quneitra early 1974. We travelled by road convoy from Suez city to a new UN camp near Sasa. The IDF was in the process of pulling out of Quneitra and I remember quite well the tremendous destruction of the city. I freely photographed IDF tanks and crews as they left the area and redeployed to Israel.

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