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April 20, 2008


Thank you so much for this. I work for an indian doctor who is obsessed with this douchebag. In fact, I even googled, "robin sharma is a douchebag charlatan" and this was the second article that popped up. Every day, I tend to my boss's social media to help her pursuit of becoming an influencer. Her intentions are truly to be helpful, but I feel her decisions are sorely disrupted by the other influencers out there flaunting their expertise in selling/marketing...when really they are just the puppet for their machine...of which they have hired teams to be. So under this disillusionment that douchebag 'influencers' wield, she has me doing all the work, often generating all her ideas from him.

I wish I could tell her how terrible this book, and his "brand" of ideas really are. They perpetuate the idea that we aren't living it 'right' if we aren't living it like them, as if he holds all the answers. I got three pages in the book and felt vomit rising in my throat. Could my smart boss really have fallen for this? Not to mention, he now sells tickets to see him for $10k! The writing is worse than a third-graders and he severely lacks imagination. He is a living Viagra commercial who can't accept his phase of life and the fact that underneath the facade, he could be a generally good person, if he could only let go of his douchebaggery. No, he clings too hard to that. I am always suspicious when I see older men wearing douchey flatbill hats.

Oh you have a tough job, Kara. I offer you my solidarity in your fight against this douchebag and others of his ilk. :)

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