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October 09, 2008


You've been so quiet lately-- I hope all is well. While I am not going to watch the video, I thought I'd ask if you had read Pollen's book about the industrialization of food? He makes some really interesting observations about the US food industry (comparing it to the Soviet Union's food production centralization projects). Europe and Japan, I think stnd on opposing sides of the US and China on issues concerning food. I happened across this as well

Anyway, just checking in-- don't work too hard!!!!!!!!!!

Alles gute, thanks for checking in. Just an organic break, driven in part by deadlines at work. I'll return in due course.

Not read Pollen's book but saw it recently at a rummage sale in my neighborhood.

I hope you bought it!

People who are carnivors can try to avoid buying meat from factory farms:


This is a beautiful site, wonderful photography. My first visit.

Thank you.

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