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March 02, 2009


Dear Namit,

Thank you for your articles and BEAUTIFUL photographs.

I didn't participate in the 3QD discussion, but read your article with interest. When l visited Scientific American today, I found this curious video on soda in India. Have you ever heard of this?


Best regards,
Louise Gordon

Louise, thank you!

Yes, I have come across that Indian soda concept before. In the 70's one of the Indian Prime Ministers was a big fan of it! The idea seems to be returning with a Hindu fringe again. Sure redefines the notion of kinship with animals!

I read your comments whenever I see them on 3QD, especially your spirited sparring with Dave R. Must say I like your name a lot more than the alias you had until recently on 3QD. :-)

Dear Namit,

I think I just lost my comment. Sorry if this posts twice.

Glad you like my name. "Spirited" is such a nice way to see it.

I found a farm sanctuary for you:


I also thought you might like to see my friend Tony Heath's photography:


All the best,

Interesting post, and informative specifically about differing views of animals globally. Here in the states, animals are either beloved pets or they are lunch.

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