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June 22, 2009


A major problem with so much of the past AI research and indeed research on Human cognition in general has been the mistake of assuming that the physical world is primary. Consciousness is primary and everything else is its manifestation. If we could make an exact duplicate of a person at a point in time so that there would be two exact copies of the same person in every way, it would be the equivalent of having two identical receivers picking up the energy signature that is called the personality structure and memory. This is similar to the way two tuned TV's can pick up the same station.
If the copy can be made in flesh and blood, then why not another medium. How to make the copy of course is an entirely different matter. It is certainly not going to be done by pursuing the research with the paradigms that have been used thus far. However, eventually we will work this, admittedly, monumental problem out and be able to make copies and grow "artificial", perhaps bio-mechanical intelligences. Even at that point however, while we may be able to create the conditions for human intelligence to grow from non-biological bases, we will still not understand the mystery of it (anymore than we know how to involuntarily grow our own hair and bones but still are able to manage doing it somehow.)

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