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June 26, 2009


Namit, the photographs in your video are stunning! Really. Thank you for sharing them!!!!!!!

Wonderful photos, Namit. I'm reminded of the inward absorption projected by human mothers-to-be when I saw the identical expression in the photos of the pregnant orangutan.

Thanks, Sujatha and Peony.
I was really awestruck by how similar their facial expressions, eye motion, head movements, etc., are to humans. Delightful creatures.

Okay, so my Quick Time Player was disabled. Duh.

Lovely photos of the gorgeous animals in their own habitat. Was able to view the landscapes (Numen Inest) too.

Dear Shunya, I'm really impressed. Just looked at all your posted sculptures -- you've labelled them
all correctly -- never seen anyone do that so accurately before. Thanks for all the great photos.

Photos in videos are mind blowing. Thanks for sharing.

Lovely, Namit. How lucky that you got to do this! Thanks.

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