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July 20, 2009


Great post. Just one comment. You write, "Hiuen Tsang is variously spelled Hsüan Tsang, Xuan Zang, Xuanzang, Hiouen Thsang, Hsuan Chwang, Hsien-tsang, etc.", which is true enough, but the only two spellings used by English-speaking Sinologists nowadays are Xuan Zang (pinyin, the most popular transliteration system) and Hsüan Tsang (Wade-Giles, an older system that is fast becoming obsolete).

Paul, thanks for your comment. You're right. My choice reflects the name I first encountered in Indian textbooks and how I have thought of him for years. I am partial to it just as one is partial to a given rendition of a popular song (usually the first one we listen to). :-)

Paul, after another insightful person's advice, I have replaced "Hieun Tsang" with Xuanzang.

Nalanda is so old indian cultural palce.This is so femous tourism place also in all over the world.We can show so much old temples and casting monument's in the nalanda.It's give so much idea about indian culture.

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