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January 18, 2010


That's true. I have been wondering too, about how many children in urban India are more comfortable in English than their native tongues, and how proficient they (and subsequent generations) will ever get in Indian languages.

I received a nice and helpful comment on the youtube page for this video, which I have copied below:

The first song is not about beloved, it is about the river Ravi which flows across chamba ravines... in song it decribes the various facets of it, suggesting how beautiful are your curves seducting when u flow across calmly i feel like i should stay near you... but then your mighty waters make sounds which instill fear in me and i am afraid u might kill me....

not word by word but a rough transalation..
- ur humble himachali friend

The second song about the beauty of Khajiar.
High Hills covered with the snow.
The water here is very cool
this is good place for living
I love the beauty of Khajiar
O Mother bought me land here
Surrounded by the Deodar tress
and in between there is Naglake
I like Ravi river very much
I give my 100 births for it.
O mother bought me land here

I try to translate it english

Thank you, Prateek. This added to my enjoyment and helped me decipher more of the lyrics.

These are the most beautiful songs of Chamba. First one describing the river Ravi a lifeline of Chamba valley.

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