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September 13, 2010


Namit Sir, Thanks for this article. I was trying to compile one article on this topic but failed to do so due little knowledge; There are two events that I analyzed in both Pakistani and American society.

1- Number of the preachers and evangelists are growing eventually . Also, there is given much importance to Security analyst in the normal peaceful times as war is looming next day.
2- Too much obsession with the arms that shows the insecurity and visible divison in the society.

Both are nations with diversity obsessed with wars with full of conspiracy theories. Can you please help in explaining this love of war in nations of opposite cultures.

Continuing with the doubt: Number of the preachers and evangelists grow eventually but prayers are full of sound and fury, signifying nothing the peaceful and spiritual dimension of public is lost in this drama. Security analyst and obsession with the arms shows the insecurity in the society. Also, Everyday language started being punctuated with a number of scriptural expressions.Beards, hijabs and burqas descended upon and mosque going population have increased suddenly in Pakistan; Its same as emergence of Evangelical movement in the USA.

Namit sir wold you help me in understanding why few symptoms of religion and war in nations of opposite cultures are growing so fast and chaotically ?

Your questions are good. I'm not ignoring you. I simply don't have any succinct answers right now. Perhaps I'll address them over time in other pieces, as these topics interest me too.

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