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March 15, 2011


what did he say about "how to deal with them"?

I am sure there must have been a lot of wisecracks with a subject like that :-)

Yes, there were lots of titters during the lecture. :) On how to deal with assholes, he didn't say very much. I think he made the point that since assholes tend to be impervious to criticism (due to their sense of entrenched entitlement), it is futile to try and reform them. Better to not react too strongly, understand that we may be dealing with a serious personality disorder, and avoid them as much as possible. :)

In the same vein, a book I enjoyed was "On Bullshit" by the philosopher Harry Frankfurt. The author distinguishes between lies and bullshit and shows why bullshit is more harmful. I have forgotten the details but I think he also discussed what type of people become bullshitters and why. Primarily it is people who feel an excessive need to impress others. The book is worth a read.

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