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September 13, 2011


Saw this development yesterday, quite a coincidence. Team Anna is moving to address precisely what I had identified as a problem with their anti-corruption movement in my piece.

Arvind Kejriwal, a prominent member of Team Anna, contacted Ilaiah, an ideologue of weaker sections, to convey to him that they were open to discuss dalit's anti-corruption agenda and ready to accommodate their views to give the Lokpal Bill a popular touch. According to sources, Kejriwal was unhappy with the BJP wanting to take over the movement as well as the airing of pro-RSS slogans like Vande Mataram by leaders of the movement. He is also said to have told Ilaiah that Team Anna was trying to rid the movement of any sectarian elements whose presence is hurting the sentiments of other groups in the country.

I am also against giving bribes. Those who are against bribes join this post.

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