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January 03, 2012


I think you know a lot (more than me) about the Gita. That surprised me since your article is titled "Why the Bhagavad Gita is an overrated text with a deplorable morality at its core". Overrated seems like a meaningless word to me (as it seems to refer to some kind of 'inherent lack of quality' that is not perceived by all the people who value the Gita - which is an absurd way of looking at a literary work if you ask me), and calling it's moral deplorable implies that 1) Your vision on the work is that true vision, 2) Your vision on morality is the true vision on morality. But all that aside, I enjoyed your article. The flaw seems to me that you are judging Hinduistic morality with a Humanist (which I think is mainly based on Christian) vision. It's no surprise that you won't accept the Gita from that point of view.
(keep in mind, I'm no expert, I just try to add something)
Also, I'm glad Krishna's main point is not to justify the war, as in my opinion you can hardly justify a war. A president might justify a war, but Krishna can only justify the personal battle of Arjuna.
Well, thanks for your article,

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