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March 11, 2013


I watched the video and then came here to record my opinion. The video has captured some impressive images. However I found your video on Kumbh Mela descriptive from your personal understanding rather than the true meaning of the event. Of-course no one can criticize you for that. When you present such information in the public domain, it can lead to misunderstanding and misrepresenting the truth and facts. It would have been appropriate that you had presented a fair view of the event or alternatively introduced the video with a narrative that this is your view on Kumbh Mela.

Then when I came here, I understood that you are one of those persons who relate with the views of persons like Arundahi Roy and so on. If this is correct, I know where you stand.

Whatever may be your objective of writing, a civilized person (I did not mean the so called western educated) should write with honesty and responsibility.


An Indian Optimist

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