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March 27, 2013


This is so exciting! The only downside is that your leaving coincides with my moving back to the bay area, and I was really looking forward to the chance to meet you and Usha finally. Oh, well, perhaps one day in India...

I'm so happy for you both, that you finally get to realize this dream. I'll miss Usha around the office and at our adventure lunches and outings, but am looking forward to exploring the world through your experiences. Congratulations!

Oh my! I'm thrilled for you. I'd like to move there too.

Congratulations and all the best. I'm looking forward to reading and watching all that you make after moving here.

Dear Usha & Namit,
We've not met/interacted but have been reading your posts/ writings for a few years. Welcome to India. Almost 3 years back, we chucked our jobs & European passports to return back to India, with a similar intent. Its been an enriching journey. We too started with a gurgaon rental & have subsequently (2 years later) developed the courage to move into real India - a U.P. town just 3 hours drive from Delhi, but a totally different world. Apart from the proximity to Corbett park & the kumaon himalayas, we've discovered a key doab archaeological site with a documented history of 3000 years including 2 intact stupas (one by Ashoka to mark Buddha's talk at this mahajanapada), barely 4 hrs drive from Delhi. There is a lot waiting for you to explore here. Much needs to be done to support the smaller towns & rural societies. Meet us in Delhi & we'll share our journey thus far. And do let us know if you need any help in your transition back.

good luck Usha! Ride an elephant for me!

Thanks Nivedita.

A bummer, Zara! Hope we can meet in India (or when we visit the bay area in the future). Julie and Elatia, please visit us in Delhi!

Ratnesh, I'm delighted to hear from you and read your wonderful message (and linked article). I'll be in touch for sure. :-)

Thanks for the good wishes, everyone! It would be fun to see you in India, Julie, Elatia, and Zara.

Scott, what a surprise to see you here! I hope you're doing well.

Ratnesh, we look forward to making your acquaintance and hearing about your journey, once we arrive!

Congratulations Namit.
Best of transitions to both of you and your families.

Usha and Namit, welcome back! I have not met you both, but have read extensively on this blog (wrote to Namit asking for permission to use a pic of his...and so discovered the site and both your writings). I too moved back to Bangalore in 2011 after 20 years on the East coast. Time goes fast here :). Too much going on. Other than the noise level in Bangalore, everything else is.... well, as it should be :) ha ha. My goal was not to bail for at least 2 years - I felt it takes that long to acclimatize. I haven't bailed yet and the two years is up next month! Good luck. Keep writing. Your site is one of the best there is....


all the best, if u ca come up with an idea of how to clear the garbage, it will be agreat contribution? i am not being sarcastic; when we take the train from trivandrum to delhi as we did a few moths ago, u see unity in diversity, all along the reailway tracks, godd decoration of paper cups, alu coated plates and plastic bottle; may be if the govt(railways- ad the fare can be increased to compensate for this) gives say 1000Rs per month to two villagers who live not far from the railway track asking them to clean it up and burn it say once in a week, it will be nice.then of course in cities.....who will clear the dirt???more later
suryanarayanan, paris

Hope you experienced good things here.If you happened to come to Hyderabad, meeting of you will may explore more deep insights by traveling to places not known much yet interesting.

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