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November 03, 2013


Your essay in The Caravan should be thought provoking for the upper castes who refuse to seriously engage with Ambedkar's thought either out of utter hatred or ignorance for this great man. Even the so called leftist scholars never gave due place to Ambedkar in their work. However, the greatest achievement of Ambedkar lies in large number of dalit masses who revere him for emancipating them from the oppressive caste system. Ambedkar himself believed that great ideas will become extinct if they are not propogated. Had these poor, oppressed but socially conscious dalits had not kept Ambedkar's ideas alive then the caste hindus would have reduced him to some avatar of Lord Vishnu as they did to Buddha. Today Dalit politics has reached a critical level and hence it is not possible to ignore Ambedkar anymore. Dalits have acknowledge the debt of Ambedkar and upper caste are slowly realizing his greatness. But it is OBCs who need to reckon with Ambedkar's ideas. They form major portion of Hindu religion and if they embrace the spirit of Ambekar's ideology then dismantling caste system will become easier.

Bhushan Arekar

Not just Ambedkar. Anyone who speaks against Brahmanical Hinduism is ignored. We don't hear much of EVR (Periayar) or C.N.Annadurai from TN either.

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