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July 27, 2007


Makes one's blood boil, doesn't it? There is a lot of sentiment in diplomatic circles about not interfering with the cultural sensibilities of others. But surely we can distinguish between interference, indifference and aiding and abetting. I have heard that in Spain, bullfighting is a dying cultural relic among Spaniards. Foreign tourists, many of them Americans, help keep the grisly tradition alive.

We wage wars for political ideology and material gains. I wish we did it to protect human and animal dignity instead. If only the violent degradation of living creatures for religious and cultural purposes were grounds for boycott, embargo and suspension of diplomatic relations by the rest of the world. Yeah, right!

Namit and Ruchira, agreed. It's sad that such barbaric customs still exist. Education and our evolution to feel more compassion for all beings will hopefully leave such cruel practices behind. BTW Ruchira, humans are animals too ;) I like to use the phrase "non-human animals" when making the distinction between the two. :)


A small victory for bulls being mistreated in the traditional 'Jallikattus'.
"The Supreme Court on Friday stayed a Madras High Court judgment refusing to ban ‘jallikattu’ (bull race) in Alanganallur and other places in Tamil Nadu during Pongal."

At least, one court that recognizes the inhumanity of these practices.

I guess I prefer war in Irak

i dont like this its not acceptable (pictures) :@ :( :(

i seriously do not believe that bull fighting should be legal no matter what the country if they want to kill the bull for the food or for whatever take it somewhere and kill fast and easy don't make it suffer in front of other people just for their own entertainment. If they want to go watch action like that go watch some guys knock the snot out of each other at a boxing ring or something. It's just wrong for bull fighting.

What kind of sick mind finds entertainment watching the torture of an animal? I cannot fathom watching such insanity without wanting to attack the humans that actually do something this sick. Animals are at the mercy of humans now as we populate far too much and encroach. This means that we as humans have to do everything to protect animals that we can. What gets me is that the Pope has not ruled against animal abuse, especially abuse for entertainment. Shame on these people who do these things. If you think this is sick you should explore what goes on in Spain on a daily basis with animal torture and abuse.

It's so sick, it's barbaric,cruel and I can't escape the thought that somenone who is enjoying this, or likes to watch it, is a sick in the head, as only a human can get.
I hope they all rot in hell.
To make it even more sick, we as European's pay subside money for these disgusting events.
The money is for agriculture (?) and for cultural.
Well...maybe it's time to invite the 'head-hunter-cannibals' again, after all, that was culture too.

By far this is among the worst 10 human behaviors in 21st century.. it's shameful to even term it 'human'.

Those cheering must imagine for a minute if their sister or brother is pierced painfully to cheering crowd like this:

Mexico needs to seriously think of laws to end this 100% brutality & barbarism.

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