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September 24, 2009


Of course, there is another compelling view of the Burning Man event, as a commenter on the above blog points out:

the truth? not according to me. to say that burning man happens without capitalism is exactly the kind of burner jibber-jabber that makes me want to puke. i've known way too many affluent burners to believe that nonsense. you might barter when you get there, but it takes a LOT of capitalism to truck all the gas, water, food, drugs, costumes, wigs, makeup, campers, lumber, etc to pull of a burn.

the "temporary autonomous zone of bullshit-free living" notion, one night, i didn't dress up. no one would talk to me. it wasn't until i put on a silly costume that i was finally accepted. it's not that it's bullshit free, rather, it's burner bullshit. still bullshit to me. i believed all the hype, but that wasn't what i found at all.

everyone was so drugged, that a conversation was impossible. everyone was wandering, looking for the party........ kind of like the nirvana "plateau" song. it wasn't until i realized that some great truth was not going to come to me, that these people are exactly same sheeple that i see in traffic everyday.... that i was able to see the truth.

i'm with the alamo guy. burning man is nothing but a bunch of neo-hippie-yuppies getting naked, doing drugs, and having lots of sex. calling it mystical, and happening outside of capitalism is exactly the kind of over-hyped, higher than thou, hypocritical non-sense that just pisses me off.

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