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April 14, 2010


Hi, I just heard about this gentleman by his recent poetic article he wrote in economic times. And I can't tell you how absurd it is!

when india got its freedom nearly half the states wanted to form a separate country and not join india. At some point of time, they have realised that it is impossible and most importantly it is beneficial to join India. So they did.

But here is a set of people who keeps fighting their government and keeps killing their neighbours and the soliders of their own country!. And they protest for every reason they can imagine! and what do they do during a protest? do they do a march peacefully and let the government know about their requirements? No they go demolishing everything! beating up the police and killing Soldiers! This is an act of terrorism and not a struggle! This is a self imposed plight they are crying out with.

Um, quite the contrary, Srikanth.
Read, for instance, this fresh report from Dean Nelson, The world wants to think the best about India. So we turn our back on Kashmir

I understood a lot about Kashmir from Basharat Peer's book - I found it tough going emotionally too. But when I discussed the things he mentions with people around, they say it's all wrong, and we don't think the freedom movement is justified (the opinion voiced above). It shows how completely the waters have been muddied, how irreconcilable the positions are, how much propaganda on both sides has vitiated what Tagore calles `the clear stream of reason'. Now one can't even talk about these things without sharp antagonism. Please do let's listen to each other. Can't Kashmiri muslims understand that other muslims also live in India, and India has room for them? Can't Indian people understand that the Kashmiri people have suffered and their traditions destroyed and that their many rulers were cruel to them? Can't Kashmir be a place within India where there is acceptance and toleration - like Switzerland? Can't they take the Pundits back? Kashmiris should also be realistic now and understand that `azadi' is very vague - is it for only Indian Kashmir, or do they think Pakistan will give up their occupation and give them a united independent Kashmir? And can't the Indian government for once forget its tradition of misrule and be sensible about use of the forces that they are using exactly like the colonial rulers - but then have the Abdullah playboys ever done anything except live it up in foreign capitals and play golf? If anything, Peer should have made an even more forceful case indicting these guys.

I think its never too late to comment on this topic. The ideas and opinions like above which insist that why can't Kashmiri people settle on joining Indian federation peacefully are beyond me. Why people, if I talk about Indian side, keep on insisting that, and depriving Kashmiris of their right of self-determination. Why can't they let alone and solve their problems and same goes with the Pakistani side. Aren't they in quagmire of their own internal problems? Pakistan is facing insurgency in its tribal belt and also Balochistan is burning. And in India too are such severe problems like the Maoist one, if I have to cite one significant example. People are dying of hunger and poverty. I think India should first think about the misery of human rickshawwallas and scavengers and then happily play politics on Kashmir. I must say this, the responses in the Diame show were pathetic. I mean, if India is allowing anyone to study in its institution, the person who joins it has no right to freedom of speech? That is what the idea of democracy and secularism in India is? People without knowing the facts yapping is insane. The onus of responsibility is more on India as its half a million troops are on Kashmiri soil. Having said this, Pakistan is also responsible in making things worse in Kashmir.

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