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January 06, 2021


I agree with Namit. I am not proud, I am shocked at this artificial creation, created to bring happiness to certain types of narrow minded people

Can u write a detailed blog post on pointing out each and every claim and inaccuracies in the calender if possible.

Harsh Varia:

I've more than doubled my piece since your comment, but it's not my job to point out all inaccuracies. Ideally, bona fide scholars (of history of science) should take this up. I've tried to focus on the glaring errors that also shed light on the foundational assumptions and unscholarly sensibilities that inform this enterprise. I can live with honest errors of fact and interpretation, but, as I've tried to show, this goes far beyond that.

Another critique of this calendar, by Rajesh Kochhar—"an astrophysicist turned historian of science" has just appeared in Scroll.

Why an IIT Kharagpur calendar aiming to highlight traditional Indian knowledge has irked experts
"Respect for fact, the separation of fact from fiction, critical evaluation of various types of texts, and the intellectual probity are missing."

Happy to find your post, finally someone speaking up !! It was so frustrating to see that calendar with the stamp of an IIT to blatantly promote pseudoscience. Even more frustrating is to see our so called scholars keeping quiet.

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