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July 09, 2021


Excellent post. I would say however that pointing to the Kamasutra as evidence of open sexual expression in the history of Hinduism may not be the best argument against the Hindutva proponents since they can always claim - based on what you said yourself - that it was the result of a fringe movement and not really a common and recurring elements in the Hindu mainstream. For me the best argument always has been one grounded in Enlightenment values, that individuals should be free to express themselves whatever way they want, including sexually. Unfortunately neither of these arguments would work for the ignorant Hindu fundamentalists.

Thank you, Ashutosh. In response to your comment, I’ll say two things:

(1) The Tantric substrate in Indian religiosity wasn’t fringe, not for well over a millennium. With prehistoric roots, it was long prominent in grassroots beliefs among the masses. In fact, for most of Indian history, it was the Vedic substrate that was fringe, meaningful mostly to the small (but powerful) upper-caste / Brahminical minority.

(2) In this piece, as also in Indians, I’ve focused on our history, not advocacy. So here I was chiefly interested in recounting the forgotten diversity of the Indian past, and noting the errors and contradictions in the claims of modern Hindus about their own cultural traditions. What people want to do with this info is up to them. :-)

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