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June 29, 2013


William Darlymple is wrong. The conflict in Afghanistan was fuelled and is perpetuated mostly by Pakistan’s policies that have nothing to do with India. These do a good job refuting the Brookings report:



There are many ways to look at this complex conflict, each of which may identify a different set of — and/or assign different relative weights to — contributing factors. For e.g., I think that Dalrymple really downplays the U.S.-Saudi role during the Cold War and its poisonous legacy in the current AfPak mess (which may well be what the folks at Brookings want to hear). A friend noted, fairly I think, that Dalrymple diminishes the role of Afghanistan's non-recognition of the Durand line. One can reasonably argue that he is partly wrong. That said, I think he is also right about a lot of stuff. Here is an analysis of the Dalrymple piece that somewhat counters the ones you posted above. It comes from a "foreign Affairs and Security editor at Centre Right India", so the writer is not exactly Dalrymple's ideological brother either.


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